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  • St. Kate's University: Spring Term 2014:  Publication Design: Art 3150:

    This graphic design course offers hands-on computer experience in the major forms of printed communication: books, newspapers and magazines. Typography and principles of visual communication integrating images and text are explored through exercises and projects. Historical aspects as well as contemporary issues are addressed. Class procedures include demonstrations, slide lectures, field trips and critiques.

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  • GD 1431 - Design Layout

    This class enables the student to design with type and visuals and to utilize technology in problem solving. Emphasis will be on the process of design development from roughs to comprehensives, layout and marker techniques, and use of the grid system for multicomponent layouts.

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  • GD 3455 - Packaging Design

    This course will define the role of packaging in product identification, presentation, and production, and explore the processes used in establishing a strong identity program for consumer products.  The unique challenges of adapting typography, illustration, design and materials to 3-D form will be explored.  Research will include marketing objective, structural integrity and display aesthetics.

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